Add Traction and Safety with Rubber Mats

When your kids play on the playground, you want them to be safe. Even though they might try to be careful, sometimes the playground itself doesn’t create the safest environment. To help make sure that every child on a playground stays safe, it might be time to consider adding rubber mats to your playground.

Adding rubber mats on your playground will improve children’s safety in a few different ways. For instance, rubber mats used beneath a swing set provides a cushioned surface that is more forgiving in case they call. Plus, with improved grip provided by the mats – even when wet – it is easier for children to stop themselves when swinging. The mat provides a greater amount of traction for the child’s feet, allowing them to stop instead of just going to place their feet and missing. It would also stop them from kicking up rocks or pebbles as they plant their feet, which could otherwise fly in the air and possibly strike other children or adults.

Rubber mats also offer a convenient surface for other points on the playground. For example, placing mats beneath monkey bars offers a softer surface to land on if a child loses their grip. Mats can also be used at the bottom of slides or firemen’s poles. Instead of falling hard and getting cuts or scrapes when landing on gravel or concrete, they may be just fine or only suffer a much-less-painful bruise.

Mats are also useful for inclines on or around the playground. If there are slopes on the playground or an inclined walkway leading from the school building or sidewalk to the playground, installing mats can help everyone keep their footing better, even in wet conditions.

Our rubber mats are also perfect for use as nonslip mats on walkways. Some sidewalks or laminate surfaces can become very slippery when wet, but not our rubber mats. If there is a nonslip mat on the walkway, children and adults alike can keep their footing better and reduce their risk of slips and falls.

Rubber Safe Playgrounds offers nonslip rubber playground mats and rubber playground mulch that is durable and provides a necessary cushion for your children while they play. For more information on our full range of playground products, call us today at 630-330-6589!