Be Safe With New Playground Equipment This Summer with Rubber Mulch

Now that spring has arrived and more time will be spent outside, kids will be popping up more and more on local playgrounds. With that however, come the unavoidable incidents of kids falling down or even worse falling from the playground itself. There is a solution and you may not know but it’s right under your kids feet.

By using rubber mulch, you can provide protection against injury for little ones using the playgrounds, especially when it comes to the newer equipment that is being installed. The extra padding will make your kids feel like they’re playing on a mattress as they come down the new slide or jump down off the freshly painted monkey bars.Swing sets that were just recently included are not a worry as the kids might use their feet to stop their momentum without issue.

This type of mulch can also help break falls and prevent children from scrapes and cuts. It is also quickly becoming the popular choice of daycare centers and schools looking for a new playground surface. It also has little to no odor so when the kids are done they won’t smell of the area they were just playing on.

Protect Your Little Ones With Rubber Mulch

Other benefits of it include that it is also requires little to no maintenance at all. It can be cleaned by a single rainfall and won’t blow away in the wind like other mulch used. Not only that but it won’t have to be replaced like many other surfaces are leaving you with a safe playing surface and a great safety investment for years to come.

Consider Rubber Mulch & Playground for your playground and its surface, to ensure the safety of your children and give you a little peace of mind while they play. For more information on what we can offer, contact us today!