The Benefits of Rubber Mulch

Listed below are the fall height protections given by various playground materials vs rubber mulch:

Material    4 inches       6 inches       8 inches   
Double Shredded Bark       4ft       6ft       –
Uniform Wood Chips       4ft       6ft       –
Fine Sand       4ft       5ft       –
Coarse Sand       4ft       5ft       –
Fine Gravel       4ft       6ft       –
Medium Gravel       4ft       5ft       –
Rubber Mulch





Rubber mulch offers numerous tangible benefits, and is quickly becoming the preeminent choice of daycare centers and schools in need of a new playground surface.  One of the top benefits rubber mulch provides is superior protection against injury.  The extra padding will help break falls, and prevent children from scraping or cutting their arms and knees.

Other admired benefits of rubber mulch include the fact it will not require constant upkeep, it will be cleaned by the rain and will not have to habitually replaced, like many other surfaces annually do.

Please see the list below to learn more about the many benefits of rubber mulch!

  • Clean
  • It’s like playing on a mattress
  • It pays for itself
  • No more dreaded springtime playground maintenance and replacement
  • Imagine, over a period of ten years, you will have to replace your wood chips 8 – 10 times. Our rubber mulch will still be there protecting your grand kids.
  • Extremely Resilient
  • Little or no maintenance
  • Little or no replacement cost
  • Does not attract dogs or cats
  • Eliminates scrapes and scratches on knees and elbows
  • No odor
  • Color fast
  • will not blow away in the wind
  • self cleaning in the rain
  • does not decompose, no life threatening unsanitary build up of bacteria like in other playground fill
  • Pays for itself because of longevity of product life and extra protection against liability law suits.

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