Four Advantages of Rubber Timbers

According To Study - Grass Isn’t Safe For Playgrounds AnymoreWhen you go to a playground today, chances are the mulch there is bordered by wooden timbers. Despite being sturdy, wood is an organic material that succumbs to use, wear and tear throughout the seasons and the years. These timbers can also allow water to build up, causing moisture problems on the grounds or accelerating the decay of traditional mulch. That’s why if you’re building a new playground or are looking for a new way to border your outdoor area, it might be time to switch to Rubber Safe Playground’s rubber timbers. Let’s look at four great advantages of using rubber timbers.

Excellent Drainage

With rubber timbers installed around your playground, you will no longer have to worry about water drainage issues. That’s because all of our rubber timbers are engineered to include several drainage points. This means that in heavy rains or winter snow melts, the excess water will be able to drain out easily through the timbers, keeping the playground or park space usable and accelerating the drying process.

Low Maintenance

Where some borders need attention year after year to make sure they’re doing their job, rubber timbers require little to no maintenance. With a longer lifespan than traditional wooden timbers, simply add these rubber timbers where you need them and let them keep your playground bordered and defined. Plus, this is one less thing to worry about when closing up at the end of the year or getting your grounds ready in the spring.


Speaking of installation, rubber timbers are extremely easy to install. Where some borders might need some attention to detail and more than necessary effort to set up, rubber timbers will make the job effortless. Since they’re made of rubber, these timbers can easily bend to fit into any shape edge you need – something you can’t do with wood! This will allow you to get your outdoor space finished faster and give you more time to tackle your other projects.

Color Choices

Rubber timbers also come in numerous colors including Earthtone, Redwood, Forest Green and Classic Black. Pick the color that works best for you without needing to break out the paint can or stain container. Plus, since the color is consistent throughout the rubber, you’ll never need to do any touch up work to keep the color looking fresh either.

Along with rubber timbers, Rubber Safe Playgrounds provides playground padding and rubber mulch to make sure children are safe when they play. If you would like more information on any of our available products, feel free to call us today at 630-330-6589!