Preventing Common Playground Injuries

Playgrounds are a jungle of imagination for children and with the high obesity rates in America, it is vital that you encourage your children to be active and play outside. Unfortunately, many playgrounds can pose safety hazards for kids if they are not well managed, which is why choosing the right materials to create a safe place to play is a vital part of planning any new playground or renovation.

Monkey BarsAccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, U.S. emergency departments treat more than 200,000 children ages 14 and younger for playground-related injuries each year. Almost half of these injuries are severe fractures, internal injuries, concussions and dislocations. Unfortunately, most of these injuries occurred in public play areas, such as schools, daycares and parks.

Even with safety standards in place, more can be done to prevent these injuries, such as sturdier equipment, better debris clean up and softer landing surfaces. Most children treated in U.S. emergency rooms for playground injuries are a result of a fall, says Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Not only should parents inspect play areas before allowing their children to play, those responsible for maintaining the playground should fix places where children might trip and avoid building playground equipment over hard surfaces like concrete, blacktop or grass.

Rubber mulch is the perfect solution to reduce playground injuries. Falls are the leading cause of childhood playground injuries, and using rubber mulch can provide a softer place to land, offering superior protection against injury, including scrapes and cuts. Not only is rubber mulch safer, it also requires minimal upkeep and maintenance and can last for many years of use. Whether for use in a public park, private recreation area or school playground, choosing rubber mulch can help keep kids safer and reduce childhood accidents and injuries.

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