The Benefits of Playground Swing Mats

Swing MatsSwings are one of the most popular features of any playground. Kids seem to flock towards them and spend a great deal of their playground time swinging on them. If you have a playground that has swings on it, you should strongly consider installing playground swing mats underneath. You’ll get access to a long list of benefits when you do it. Here are just a few of the advantages of having swing mats.

They make it easy for kids to start and stop swinging.

There are many kids who have a tough time when it comes to getting themselves going on a swing set. They struggle to find their footing on the ground so that they can build up momentum. Playground swing mats provide kids with a place to put their feet, so they can start swinging more effectively. The mats also give them a place to put their feet when they want to slow down and get off the swings.

They prevent the mulch under swings from being displaced.

Most playgrounds have some kind of mulch underneath of swings. That mulch will usually start to fly all over the place when kids are playing on swings. Between the kids starting and stopping on the swings, the mulch doesn’t stand much of a chance. But with playground swing mats in place, the mulch won’t go anywhere. It’ll prevent you from having to fix the mulch or replace it altogether.

They protect kids in the event of a fall.

Swings are one of the safer pieces of playground equipment. But every now and then, a child will fall off them when swinging or even when just trying to get on or off the swings. If there isn’t a playground swing mat in place, the child might get hurt. But a mat will cushion their fall and reduce the chances of them getting injured.

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