The Evolution of Playgrounds

Advancements in technology have changed just about every single aspect of American living over the course of the last 30 years or so—and that includes playgrounds. Back in the 1980s and 1990s, jungle gyms and metal slides were set up on just about every playground across the company. Wood chips were also positioned underneath of them to cushion falls and keep kids safe. But since then, playgrounds have evolved quite a bit and look totally different today than they did back then. Here are some of the ways in which playgrounds have evolved.

Traditional jungle gyms have been replaced by spider web-like structures.

There are probably always going to be swing sets and slides on playgrounds. But many of the larger jungle gyms that used to sit at the center of them are no longer around. Instead, lots of playgrounds now feature spider web-like structures that feature netting kids can climb up. Kids have a ton of fun on these structures, and if they fall while they’re playing on them, the netting is designed to keep them safe. It sure beats slipping and falling on the metal bars and wooden planks that used to make up most jungle gyms.

Balancing equipment like moving-pod bridges have become very popular.

There have been balance beams on playgrounds for decades now. But these days, there are also many other forms of balancing equipment. Moving-pod bridges, for example, look and feel like an advanced form of the balance beam. They require kids to show more agility and to use their minds to figure out where to take their next step. They’ve taken the balance beam to the next level.

Rubber mulch has taken the place of wood chips.

Some playgrounds still have wood chips on them, but those playgrounds are few and far between. Rubber mulch has turned into a much better option. Rubber mulch doesn’t wear down like wood chips do. It also provides way more protection and keeps kids safer when it’s set up in the right way. It’s why so many playgrounds now have rubber mulch under playground equipment.

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