Why Rubber Mulch is a Prudent Investment

In many instances, using rubber mulch on a playground might cost a little bit more than using wooden mulch. But you shouldn’t let this stop you from using it anyway. Rubber mulch is easily the better investment. Here are just a few of the reasons why choosing rubber mulch should be an easy decision.

It won’t rot.

If you decide to use wooden mulch on your playground, it’s eventually going to start to rot on you. It might not happen right away. But moisture will have its way with wooden mulch at some point and cause it to rot. This won’t be a concern with rubber mulch. Since rainwater passes directly through it, you won’t have to worry about rubber mulch rotting on you.

It won’t attract pests.

There are some kinds of wooden mulch that are specifically designed to prevent pest infestations. But there are also some kinds of wooden mulch that will attract termites and other pests. You’ll be forced to either replace your mulch or have your playground treated for pests to get rid of them. This is another thing that won’t be an issue with rubber mulch. Rubber mulch won’t attract any pests in the first place.

It won’t float or blow away.

It can be difficult to keep wooden mulch in place. Heavy rains and heavy winds will often displace it and force you to put it back. This won’t be the case with rubber mulch. Rubber mulch is going to stay put for you from the second you first spread it out over your playground. You won’t need to pay a fortune to replace it after a bad storm.

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