Fact – Shredded Rubber Mulch Is Safe For Your Playgrounds

There is an old saying, “never judge a book by its cover.”

In this instance when it comes to the false accusations and skepticism of shredded mulch on playgrounds, “never judge the rubbery its tire.”

True facts and benefits, other than excellent protection from injury, are that shredded rubber mulch is self-cleaning, strong and durable, odorless, does not decompose, and keeps children free from any health harms.

Yet, there have been claims and debates made that shredded rubber mulch used on playgrounds is not healthy and can be harmful, and even cause cancer to those exposed to it consistently.

We are here to say that these claims just aren’t true.

Shredded Rubber Mulch Is Safe

Claims have been made that in the shredded rubber mulch, chemicals like benzene and butadiene are still apparent and can do harm to those exposed.

The consistent testing and studies for benzene have been performed on many playgrounds that are furnished with shredded rubber mulch, and the conclusion is that benzene is not found.

And when it comes to the chemical butadiene, most of that is destroyed while the shredded mulch is being manufactured and processed, leaving minimal to no traces of it.

Essentially, you can rest knowing that your playgrounds are still kid-friendly when they are surfaced with shredded rubber mulch.

Rubber Safe Playgrounds offers long lasting, low maintenance shredded mulch that is perfect for any playground or play area, with locations in the states of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Missouri, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota. Our great products allow the buyer to spend quality time watching children enjoy themselves, and less worrying about their safety.

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