How To Protect Your Children From Getting Injured On A Playground, Without Hindering The Fun

When you go to the playground around the corner, your number one fear is your child getting hurt.

We have all been there, our kids come home with cuts, scrapes and bruises from falling on the cement or blacktop that is at the bottom of the slide or below the swings.

There is a solution though to help prevent these injuries.

At most playgrounds that you visit think about what is on the ground. Typically it is asphalt, cement, just dirt or grass. Cement and asphalt are so hard; it is easy to see why there are so many injuries on these surfaces.

Grass and dirt turn into mud after bad weather, leading to more slips, falls and stains that are impossible to get out.

Think about these playground statistics:

  • Every year, approximately half a million people under the age of 20 are injured on neighborhood playgrounds; 200,000 of them are children under 14.
  • Nearly half of these injuries are severe and involve fractures, internal injuries, concussion, dislocations, and amputations.
  • 58% of injuries are due to falls.

So what is the best choice for our kids to run around on at the playground? Rubber Mulch is the answer.

If you are looking for a playground to take your kids to or to meet up with a playdate, scope out the neighborhood for a spot with rubber mulch. Your kids will never realize that this surface is meant to keep them safer.

They will have a great time, just being at the playground. Mom yelling to stay safe and not run so fast – with un-attentive ears will not be so daunting anymore.

Other safe playground tips should be to look for ones that are well maintained. Find ones that are not covered by rust or graffiti, and offer railings to prevent falls.

Going to a playground that is safer will allow you to relax a bit more and let your kids have the good time that was intended.

At Rubber Safe Playgrounds, we help to protect your children from injury by furnishing residential, commercial and playground surfaces with our shredded mulch material.

For more information about our product or how rubber mulch playgrounds benefit you, contact us at (630) 330-6589 today!