One Playground Item Kids Love Most

The days of playground memories are some of the happiest memories that children will have, some of the happiest memories that you have when you were a child too. Those were times when you could be completely and utterly care free and you had all the time in the world at your fingertips. Those were the long days that were spent in the sun, as it gently caressed your face with its warmth and gave you limitless energy.

Do you remember what you played on? What your favorite items were that you played on for all of those hours?

For some their favorite will be the forever staple; the swing set. The one item on the playground that would take you as high as you wanted to go. The item that, if you wanted to, got so high that you felt that you could touch the sky, stick your face into the clouds and take a bit out of the sticky cloud cotton.

Then there were those brave enough, you remember, who would get as high as possible and jump off into the air!?

While such mainstays of playground love like the swing set, still fights against the waves of trends that comes and go, the trend of wood chips is long past. Now we have something that makes every playground that much safer.

Rubber Safe Playgrounds have created a product that makes playground safer by switching out the wood chips for shredded mulch made from recycled rubber tires. For more information on the shredded mulch and what it can do for your playground, contact us today!