Rubber Mulch and Winter Weather

Are your walkways and gardens ready for winter? If not, then you might consider rubber mulch.

We’ve talked about the numerous benefits of rubber mulch in the past, but how can it be useful during the winter months? This stellar material is loaded with cold-weather benefits, making it the ideal solution for use in locations with cold and snowy weather at every time of year. Let’s take a closer look at some of the wintertime benefits of rubber mulch.

Rubber Mulch and WinterIt Doesn’t Absorb Water

The beautiful thing about rubber mulch is that it does not absorb water. This means that unlike conventional mulch, water won’t get inside and expand, destroying mulch materials. When things freeze, they also get slippery, and for this reason, rubber mulch is also safer. Rubber mulch features anti-slip properties that make it a perfect material for walkways during the winter months.

Rubber Mulch is Ready to Go

Rubber mulch is primarily made up of older shredded tirewalls, which means that they have already been designed to stand up to tough conditions in any climate. These properties make rubber mulch a quick and ready-to-install solution in cold environments, which means that you won’t have to spend days waterproofing it or reinstalling mulch every spring after the thaw.

Mold Resistant

Mold, fungi and other pesky growths thrive in moisture, which means if you live in a climate that sees temperatures fluctuating above and below freezing all winter long, you may see the greatest benefit from using rubber mulch. Since it doesn’t retain water, rubber mulch doesn’t provide the moisture that mold and fungi needs, so you won’t have to worry about your plants becoming infected during the season.

Adds Color to an Otherwise Drab Season

Not only is rubber mulch slip-proof and mold resistant, but it can also brighten up your landscaping. Rubber mulch comes in a full spectrum of different colors, allowing you to choose a shade that matches best with your outdoor motif. You don’t have to see just white this winter; brighten things up with a fun mulch color from Rubber Safe Playgrounds.

Before winter arrives, place your order for new rubber mulch from Rubber Safe Playgrounds. We have all the products you need to add a fresh and long-lasting material to your playgrounds, gardens, parks or any other place you need mulching material. Invest in a solution that lasts and call our team today at 630-330-6589 to receive a quote.