The Case Of Rubber Mulch: Healthy Or Not?

If you have visited a new playground within the past couple of years, you may have noticed the ground it was on was covered in rubber mulch, which is made from recycled rubber products such as tires.

This is a trend being used around the country as the product lasts for a good amount of time and requires very little attention.

However, with this new trend there has been some skepticism, primarily surrounding whether or not the rubber mulch is harmful to kids playing on it.

Luckily the facts are out about it and it appears many worries about it have been found to be false.

The Facts On Rubber Mulch

One of the main worries about the product was that it would expose children to butadiene and benzene, both chemicals that can be very harmful and even cause cancer.

In regards to the butadiene, most of it is eliminated during the mulch’s manufacturing process.

For the benzene, testing has shown that there is no concentrated source of it anywhere near a playground with rubber mulch.

Studies have also shown that rubber mulch has reduced the amount of significant playground-related injuries since its inception.

So for now, the issue on whether this product is harmful or not can be closed and children can continue to play safely on this surface.

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