What Are Benefits of Rubber Mulch?

When it comes to protecting your children you are able to keep them warm when it is cold, cover their feet with shoes and even give them “arm floaties” before they learn how to swim, but what about when they are at the playground? Do you think that all playgrounds are created equal?

We can assure you that not every playground is built the same. While wood chips and sand offer protection from a fall they do not surpass protect against fall heights of ten or more inches but rubber mulch does. The extra padding of rubber mulch makes sure that it will help break falls as well as prevent children from scraping or cutting their arms and knees while playing.

As we look to the other great qualities of rubber mulch there will never be another dreaded springtime playground maintenance and replacement. With wood chips, over a period of ten years, you will have to replace them between eight to ten times but with the rubber mulch it will still be there to protect your grand kids.

Some of the other great qualities of rubber mulch is that it does not attract dogs or cats, eliminates scrapes and scratches on knees and elbows, no odor, will not blow away in the wind, self-cleaning in the rain, does not decompose, no life threatening unsanitary buildup of bacteria like in other playground fill,

Shredded rubber mulch pays for itself because of longevity of product life and extra protection against liability law suits.

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