Why Every Neighborhood Should Have a Playground

A playground with a rubber mulch surfaceThere are certain places everyone wants in their neighborhood: a grocery store, gas station, post office, etc. While you may not think about playgrounds as being in the same category, you should.

Playgrounds provide a multitude of benefits for residents of all ages, not just children. Here are some reasons that every neighborhood should have a playground:

Build a Sense of Community

Playgrounds can do so much for an entire community. Parents, grandparents, guardians, and caregivers are able to get out of the house and meet people at a public place without having to spend money. Meanwhile, children are able to meet other kids and build valuable social skills. And if the playground features inclusive equipment to allow kids of all abilities to have a safe place to play, even better. All of this allows people to meet their neighbors and develop trusting relationships, while building a sense of community.

Encourage Activity and Interaction

It’s important for children to get exercise and playgrounds provide a fun and exciting way for children to accomplish that goal. Many children do not get the amount of exercise they need, which can lead to issues such as obesity. Having a playground nearby will allow children to consistently get the physical activity they require, while also helping their social development as they’ll be engaging in activities with other kids.

Increase Property Value

Even if you don’t have children, playgrounds in your community are still beneficial. For example, they tend to raise property values. Parks tend to boost property value, increase revenue, and make communities more attractive to certain businesses. Generally, they make people happier with the neighborhoods they live in, which makes the neighborhood a more desirable place to live.

Any playground being built or renovated should be optimized to be safe and economically efficient. You can get that and more when you choose rubber mulch as a playing surface. Rubber mulch prevents injuries by cushioning falls and also relieves pressure on joints. It lasts for decades, and it doesn’t require much maintenance so it will save a lot of money. A playground with a rubber mulch surface will make your neighborhood a better place.

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