Why Playground Developers are Increasingly Choosing Rubber Mulch

rubber mulch for playgroundsParents want their children to have fun on the playground, but they also want them to be safe. One way to ensure children are as safe as possible is to provide them with a safe surface on which to play. This is part of the reason why those in charge of schools, daycare centers, and public and private playgrounds are increasingly choosing rubber mulch over other surfaces.

But safety isn’t the only positive rubber mulch brings to the table. Here’s why so many are choosing rubber mulch as a playground surface:


Nothing is more important to parents than the health and safety of their children. When the kids are swinging, going down the slide, or running around, parents can rest assured that four-, six-, or eight-inch-thick sheets of rubber mulch are relieving pressure on their joints and also providing a cushion in case of a fall. Rubber mulch provides protection on falls from significantly higher heights than any other alternative surface.

Long Lasting

Rubber mulch may cost more up front than other alternatives, but you’ll save quite a bit of money in the long term. A wood chip surface will save you in the short term, but they’ll have to be replaced year after year. You’re likely to spend a fortune on maintenance. Meanwhile, the kids who play on a rubber mulch surface the first year you buy it will have a chance to watch their kids play in the same surface 25 to 30 years later.

Low Maintenance

As stated above, you won’t have to do the kind of maintenance on a rubber mulch surface that you will have to on other surfaces. It also doesn’t require much cleaning, as the rain should take care of most issues.

Choose Your Color

Another perk of rubber mulch is you get to choose which color you want for your playground. Maybe you want something that matches the equipment or, if it’s going to a school, the school color. Either way, you’re given the choice.

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