Month: July 2023

Exploring the Composition and Benefits of Rubber Mulch

Two stacks of old car tires and one large truck tire

When it comes to creating the ideal playground surface, safety and sustainability are often the top priorities. This is why rubber mulch continues to be a popular choice: it stands out as both innovative and eco-friendly, while also being remarkably safe. This unique material, made from recycled tires, offers a range of benefits that make… Read more »

Understanding the Importance of Proper Playground Surface Installation

playground on top of rubber mulch with woods in background

Playgrounds are vibrant spaces where children can unleash their imaginations and engage in active play. But sometimes kids can get a little overzealous, causing them to fall. This is why playground surface installation plays such a crucial role in ensuring a safe environment, protecting against injuries and giving parents peace of mind. With that in… Read more »