Month: June 2016

Add Traction and Safety with Rubber Mats

When your kids play on the playground, you want them to be safe. Even though they might try to be careful, sometimes the playground itself doesn’t create the safest environment. To help make sure that every child on a playground stays safe, it might be time to consider adding rubber mats to your playground. Adding… Read more »

Four Reasons to Choose Rubber Mulch this Summer

If you are a traditionalist who loves soil mulch, get ready to be blown away. Although, you may have always purchased soil mulch year after year, this year might be the time to reconsider and instead invest in rubber mulch. Most traditionally used in playgrounds, rubber mulch is rising in popularity due to its many… Read more »

Ways To Raise Money For A Community Playground In Your Neighborhood

Is your neighborhood playground looking out of date and really unsafe for the kids in your area? Maybe funding is what you need to get this project off the ground. The costs for new equipment and the shredded mulch can be expensive, but totally worth the payout in the end once you see all of… Read more »