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How Rubber Mulch Simplifies Playground Maintenance

A playground with a rubber mulch surface

Playgrounds are bustling hubs of activity, providing children with boundless opportunities for fun and play. However, maintaining a playground surface to ensure safety and cleanliness can often be a challenging task. That’s why rubber mulch is a game-changer, offering a range of benefits that simplify playground maintenance. In this blog, we’ll explore how rubber mulch… Read more »

Exploring the Composition and Benefits of Rubber Mulch

Two stacks of old car tires and one large truck tire

When it comes to creating the ideal playground surface, safety and sustainability are often the top priorities. This is why rubber mulch continues to be a popular choice: it stands out as both innovative and eco-friendly, while also being remarkably safe. This unique material, made from recycled tires, offers a range of benefits that make… Read more »

Understanding the Importance of Proper Playground Surface Installation

playground on top of rubber mulch with woods in background

Playgrounds are vibrant spaces where children can unleash their imaginations and engage in active play. But sometimes kids can get a little overzealous, causing them to fall. This is why playground surface installation plays such a crucial role in ensuring a safe environment, protecting against injuries and giving parents peace of mind. With that in… Read more »

How a Rubber Mulch Surface Can Improve Playground Safety

What’s the one word on every parent’s mind when their kids are playing at a playground? It’s “safety.” They want their kids to be safe. They don’t want to be rushing to the emergency room. Indeed, it’s important to keep kids safe these days. We live in a world where lots of bad stuff happens…. Read more »

Comparing Rubber Mulch to Other Surface Materials Used on Playgrounds

Are you looking for the perfect material to put down on your playground? You’ll have plenty of options, including pea gravel, sand, and wood chips. Nevertheless, your best option, hands down, is rubber mulch. There are myriad reasons that make rubber mulch the right choice for playgrounds. Here is how it stacks up to a… Read more »

Eco-Friendly Facts about Rubber Mulch Playground Material

Do you want to help the environment and make your playground safer? You can do it by using rubber mulch over regular mulch, sand, or any of the other options that are out there when building a playground. Here is why rubber mulch is such an eco-friendly playground material to use for your school, park,… Read more »

Rubber Mulch Uses in Landscaping and Parks

Rubber mulch is often incorporated into outdoor playground areas where children play. It makes these areas safer and prevents kids from getting hurt when they accidentally fall off a piece of playground equipment. It provides the cushioning kids need and is a much better option than regular mulch or even sand. But rubber mulch isn’t… Read more »