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Why Every Neighborhood Should Have a Playground

A playground with a rubber mulch surface

There are certain places everyone wants in their neighborhood: a grocery store, gas station, post office, etc. While you may not think about playgrounds as being in the same category, you should. Playgrounds provide a multitude of benefits for residents of all ages, not just children. Here are some reasons that every neighborhood should have… Read more »

How a Rubber Mulch Surface Can Improve Playground Safety

What’s the one word on every parent’s mind when their kids are playing at a playground? It’s “safety.” They want their kids to be safe. They don’t want to be rushing to the emergency room. Indeed, it’s important to keep kids safe these days. We live in a world where lots of bad stuff happens…. Read more »

Comparing Rubber Mulch to Other Surface Materials Used on Playgrounds

Are you looking for the perfect material to put down on your playground? You’ll have plenty of options, including pea gravel, sand, and wood chips. Nevertheless, your best option, hands down, is rubber mulch. There are myriad reasons that make rubber mulch the right choice for playgrounds. Here is how it stacks up to a… Read more »

Things to Consider When Choosing the Flooring For Your Playground

Do you want to make sure the playground at your school, park, or other play area is as safe as possible? Of course you do! One way to improve the safety of your playground is to select the right flooring for it.  You’ll have plenty of options to choose from, but before you make a… Read more »

Encourage Playground Play Time

As weather takes a turn for those worse, it’s easy to fall into the trap of letting your kids sit inside in front of the TV or tablet. Although a lot of the programming is educational and beneficial for children, there are a lot of benefits that technology can’t offer. Real-life playground play time is… Read more »

Rubber Mulch: An Ecofriendly and Safety-Conscious Choice

If you have young kids or work at a school that has an outdoor jungle gym, you’ve probably noticed that lots of places are foregoing traditional wood chips that used to be sprinkled below the area of play in favor of a newer, more eco-friendly and more technologically advanced option: rubber mulch. There are plenty… Read more »

Four Advantages of Rubber Timbers

When you go to a playground today, chances are the mulch there is bordered by wooden timbers. Despite being sturdy, wood is an organic material that succumbs to use, wear and tear throughout the seasons and the years. These timbers can also allow water to build up, causing moisture problems on the grounds or accelerating… Read more »

Preventing Common Playground Injuries

Playgrounds are a jungle of imagination for children and with the high obesity rates in America, it is vital that you encourage your children to be active and play outside. Unfortunately, many playgrounds can pose safety hazards for kids if they are not well managed, which is why choosing the right materials to create a… Read more »

Reviewing the History of Rubber

Rubber has been a useful material for centuries, and is now indispensable in many industries. Developments in the manufacturing, and later synthetic production, of rubber have turned it into a valuable product used it items in nearly every country and industry. But how did this substance find such popularity? The residents of Central and South… Read more »

Soften Falls this Fall

It is no secret that our children are our greatest asset, and that is why work hard to protect them at every chance that we get. While we keep a close eye on them when they eat and when they sleep, it is also important that we protect them while they do what they do… Read more »