Use Shredded Rubber Mulch To Ensure Safety

Whether you’re a groundskeeper for a park or a parent of a child in the neighborhood, you want to make sure playgrounds are safe for children to play on. You want to make sure that no matter what life gets thrown at them, that it isn’t going to harm anyone long term. The truth is... Read more »

The Case Of Rubber Mulch: Healthy Or Not?

If you have visited a new playground within the past couple of years, you may have noticed the ground it was on was covered in rubber mulch, which is made from recycled rubber products such as tires. This is a trend being used around the country as the product lasts for a good amount of... Read more »

Use & Safety Of Rubber Mats On The Playground

Every time a child sees a playground their faces light up and ask “Mom, can I play on the playground?” Playgrounds are everywhere, the park, schools, daycare centers, backyards, outside fast food restaurants… when you’re with a child they will point out everyone they see and you may be amazed at how many are in... Read more »

Give Back To The Community With A Playground Filled With Shredded Mulch

It’s a great thing when a non-profit organization decides to give back to its community. Whether it’s a new building or something as a simple as a new playground, anything they do to help improve their community is a very admirable gesture. If they make something like a new playground, it’s important they build it... Read more »

One Playground Item Kids Love Most

The days of playground memories are some of the happiest memories that children will have, some of the happiest memories that you have when you were a child too. Those were times when you could be completely and utterly care free and you had all the time in the world at your fingertips. Those were... Read more »

What Are Benefits of Rubber Mulch?

When it comes to protecting your children you are able to keep them warm when it is cold, cover their feet with shoes and even give them “arm floaties” before they learn how to swim, but what about when they are at the playground? Do you think that all playgrounds are created equal? We can... Read more »

Make Your Yard’s Playground Match With The Right Mulch

Now that spring is here many of us are getting outside, building and working on our yards. Even though it’s a simple thing like adding a playground to your yard, we want to make sure they look the best we can possibly make them. Once you get going, you may realize you need some extra... Read more »

Be Safe With New Playground Equipment This Summer with Rubber Mulch

Now that spring has arrived and more time will be spent outside, kids will be popping up more and more on local playgrounds. With that however, come the unavoidable incidents of kids falling down or even worse falling from the playground itself. There is a solution and you may not know but it’s right under... Read more »

According To Study – Grass Isn’t Safe For Playgrounds Anymore

Recently, the ASTM, the American Society for Testing and Materials, has decided that having grass underneath the equipment where your children play and climb is unsafe for playgrounds. The ASTM suggests that grass doesn’t offer enough impact absorption, so if a child falls, he or she may be more likely to get seriously hurt if... Read more »

Sprucing The School Playground For Spring With Rubber Mulch

Playgrounds play a crucial part of the school day to both student and staff. Playgrounds provide a much needed break from rigorous school work as well as to let those little limbs loosen up and expend built up energy. A school playground costs thousands of dollars and while the money is well spent and worth... Read more »